Cosmic Plants

Where: 4665 Bartlett Rd, Beamsville

Crops: Potted Orchids

How: Grab&Go Flower Shop (Monday to Saturdays), Web ordering (for Pick up or Delivery)

Payment methods: Exact cash, E-transfer, debit and all major credit cards




Started by 2 brothers in 2004, Comsic produces Phalaenopsis Orchids in 5 inch pots and 3.5 inch pots all year round. Their greenhouses are equipped with the most modern techniques to provide for a continuous supply of these beautiful flowering tropical plants. Our customers are mainly floral wholesalers and distributors who, in their turn, supply florists, garden centers and chain stores. But we cater to floral designers, event planners and interior-scapers as well! We take pride in preparing the orders exactly to the specific wishes of our customers. Cosmic Orchids have been for sale directly tto the public since 2017 at The Art of Orchids – Retail Boutique, which is located at our Bartlett facility – 4665 Bartlett Road Beamsville (Lincoln), Ontario L0R 1B1.

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