Welcome to Niagara Grown

Niagara Grown is a non-profit website supporting local growers. Our job is to highlight what products are in season and where you can find them – direct from a local farmer. You can look up individual farmers as we add them in the Grower Profile section. Or, you can see a list of all growers at one with an interactive location map by viewing our Full List page. The Products Menu on the right side of the screen also lets you find specific products more easily, from Azaleas to Zygocactus. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.

Currently we are focusing on locally grown flowers.  Why support your local flower grower? There are plenty of reasons!

  • With the current global pandemic, many stores in Canada and the U.S. are cancelling flower orders. Local growers are seeing sale losses of 60-100%.  Many of them will go under without our support.
  • Did you know that over 50% of the flowers and shrubs produced in Canada are grown in Ontario, with the bulk of this right here in Niagara?  This means flower farmers are your friends, neighbours, members of your church, and an essential part of the local economy.
  • Ontario flower growers support over 8500 employees, and the majority are right here in the Niagara region, so you’re also supporting local jobs!
  • Being around flowers and ornamental plants has been shown to decrease stress and increase workplace productivity! Given the current world situation, it’s time to bring a smile to friends and family members by having flowers delivered (or dropped on their doorstep from a safe distance!).

If you have questions, or you’re a grower that wants to be featured on NiagaraGrown, email us at niagaragrown@gmail.com or hop on over to our contact page.

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